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Kyle Bunting

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Kyle Bunting Rug Collection

Inspired by dozens of tile patterns that Gio Ponti designed for the Parco dei Principi Hotel in Sorrento, Amy’s hypnotic motifs recall the shifting geometries of Mr. Ponti’s 1960s masterwork into her hide rug design. These three patterns are available in almost 100 color options and can be used for rugs, upholstery, wall covering and pillows.

photo Bespoke Rug
photo Flow
photo Flow Rug
photo Flow Pillow
photo Flash
photo Flash Rug
photo Flash Pillow
photo Flaunt
photo Flaunt Rug
photo Flaunt Pillow

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Bespoke Rug
Flow Rug
Flow Pillow
Flash Rug
Flash Pillow
Flaunt Rug
Flaunt Pillow

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